I have found that certain students need notes written down to help them learn a piece. These students are typically visual learners, and seeing the notes reinforces what the are learning by rote.

Because the Suzuki method delays note reading, I created these note printables as an option for my visual learners, until they are ready for note reading. I advise the same caution be used with these note printables as is advised with introducing note reading for Suzuki students.

These note printables can be very helpful for students, but shouldn’t replace standard note reading, nor be used as a ‘crutch’ to memorization.

Andantino Violin Notes
Click on the image above to download
Andantino Cello Notes
Click on the above image to download

Author: Suzuki Way

I am a music teacher who makes practicing fun and productive. Because I have four of my own little musicians, I know what works at home! Please enjoy my print-outs, methods, and routines for practicing!

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