'The Mozart Effect For Children,' By Don Campbell

Anyone who appreciates music will LOVE this wise and compassionate book!

You don’t have to be a an expert on classical music to use this wise and compassionate book.  Focusing each chapter on a particular age-from prenatal through age ten-Don Campbell explains how music is the perfect tool to improve children’s language, movement, and social skills at home, school, and play (quoted from the back cover).

Here are five things I loved and learned from this book:

1- The Mozart Menu: at the conclusion of each chapter, suggested Mozart listening excerpts for each developmental age of a child are listed.

2- Spotlights on Specialists: spontaneous paragraphs throughout, highlighting a musical specialist and their contributions to the musical world (including, Lorna Lutz Heyge of Musikgarten, Shinichi Suzuki, Suzanne Tips of Kindermusick, Judith Cole of Orff Association, David Lazear with Multiple Intelligences, and more).

3- Numerous research studies cited, including home, school, and clinical locations. I learned about music baths, ear glasses, and lots of fun little tunes to incorporate around my home.

4- An acknowldegement that IQ isn’t only about numbers, facts, reading, and test outcomes, rather, IQ includes sensitivity, self-esteem, and human feelings; all of which are developed through music.

5- Friendly tone and reassuring perspective through out, affirming any educator or parent, that whatever bit of music they are giving to their children is not in vain.

Have you read it?  Do you want to?  Its’ great for browsing, or reading in sections (between music lessons, if necessary). I would highly recommend “The Mozart Effect for Children” to anyone who wants to put a song in their day and a skip in their step!

Author: Suzuki Way

I am a music teacher who makes practicing fun and productive. Because I have four of my own little musicians, I know what works at home! Please enjoy my print-outs, methods, and routines for practicing!

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