Crickets' Song

Lyrics for Suzuki Harp’s Crickets’ Song, knowing these will keep you ‘chirping’ all day!

Crickets’ Song is the sixth song in Suzuki Harp Repertoire. What a charming introduction to walking fingers in the left hand!

Singing the lyrics to Crickets’ Song helped my daughter (and quite frankly, everybody in the house) memorize the piece quickly. We were all humming–err–chirping it incessantly.

I created these pictures to help your harpist learn the lyrics to Crickets’ Song. Using these pictures is also a great way to learn the song form (A,A,B,A):

To help your harpist memorize the order of left hand broken triads, I created this printable:

Happy chirping!

Author: Suzuki Way

I am a music teacher who makes practicing fun and productive. Because I have four of my own little musicians, I know what works at home! Please enjoy my print-outs, methods, and routines for practicing!

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